As bees fly off to their new home, others go into hibernation.

But luckily, some of them have been invited to come out for a winter arts collective at Shaftesbury Arts Centre Gallery from 5th to 11th December. My only problem is going to be to work out which bees to take……


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Diversity is the name of the game for the FIFTY BEES project, a way to highlight the need for biodiversity in our world.

At the exhibition you’ll find work by textile artists, graphic designers, ceramicists, installation artists, paper artists, conceptual artists, painters, environmental artists, digital artists, paper-cut artists, poets, (who have I missed out)….sculptors, printmakers, book artists…..

And many more.

So, if you’d like to see a diverse range of amazing art, For Every Cloud is the place.

And if you’d like to learn more about biodiversity, funnily enough, For Every Cloud is also the place.


And if you’d like to apply to be one of the fifty artists for FIFTY BEES 3, then fiftybees@gmail.com the place.

Bees at WOMAD

What an absolute pleasure and a privilege it was to be teaching at WOMAD Festival over the weekend in the World of Children field.

Look at these fabulous bees 🐝 and these smiling faces, smiles matched by my own; I’m smiling now as I remember three full on, fast and furious sessions of felting.

Thanks to the amazing organisers, Mandy, especially and to the brilliant stewards who helped the sessions run so smoothly.

Big thanks to the double act of Nina and Mark who worked so, so hard to ensure that every single person who joined us got something very special out of the felting sessions – sharing the #needlefelting, #wool and #beelove, one stab at a time.

By day three we had to set up an ‘extension’ table for the returning learners, now experts in their own right.

And thanks also to the parents who came to support their children and accidentally became needlefelters themselves along the way, even those whose kids finished and left, leaving parents working away on their own pieces.

Wow! What a blast!!!

Thanks all.

#Bee finds

Morning, morning!

Blimey, it’s going to be an absolute scorcher today, the sun ☀️ is already hot at 6am.

https://lydianeedlecom.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/img_5186.movYesterday, on twitter, the amazing Bee ‘knowledgeable-ones’ confirmed that these Bees, that I found on one of our many walks down to Sennen beach, was Megachile leachella, or the Silvery leafcutter. How chuffed was I?

It’s not rare but it was oh so special to me. I’m going to pop it on to iRecord today.

Have a lovely day everyone, and I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine 🌞 and shade.

Don’t forget to look at my posts from yesterday to see my #beenews.

BEE NEWS: Bees on the road and new open called

Bee news number 1!

Well, rather beautifully and smoothly, the second leg exhibition is going on the road.


So, where is it going?

Well, tomorrow Shaun the Angel myself head off to Swindon to the Richard Jefferies Museum to see Mike and Suzie and the team to collect all 107 pieces of art.

We’ll lovingly wrap them and pop them in the car and drive them back to somerset.

And then on Wednesday, we will be taking them to Donna in Langport at For Every Cloud, ready for the reopening of the exhibition in August.

Isn’t that brilliant – I am sooooo chuffed.

It will the same exhibition yet totally different because of the change of gallery.

I hope some of you get the change to come and see it.

And in bee news number 2, a new open call.

“What?” I hear you cry, “already?”

Well, yes, these Bee spectaculars don’t organise themselves, you know!

So, if you’d like to participate in the third part of this exciting Bee project , nows your time to shine.

We are looking for a wide variety of people from all spectrums of the Arts.

The deadline is the end of august so you’ve plenty of time but don’t leave it too late…..the number of times I’ve heard, “oh, I missed the deadline….!”

Well, notice given , you lovely lot – we want you!


And, how about sharing this post?

Drawing, walking

Told you I’d #showyoumine …. footprints sketchbook.

How appropriate is it that Shaun the Angel would say this as we sat together at the edge of the woods, drawing, talking….

“Pastel sounds…flip flop sounds and your high-viz feet.”

Sunday afternoon sun, love and a bit of a weep of joy

I’m sat in the garden with my old man, drinking cava on a much needed ‘day off’ but enjoying the time and space needed to really take in what our fifty artists have written about their work for this year’s exhibition.

It’s joyous, humbling, funny, inspiring, exhilarating, and just all round wonderful.

Until we reach this point, with works finished and explanations written, it’s difficult to know what sort of exhibition we are offering you.

But, surprise surprise, it’s going to be an experience – I feel so moved (no, it’s not the Cava talking).

I keep stopping to share bits with Shaun but as I read them out loud, I get a bit wobbly and tearful. It’s so moving.

Thank you to all of the incredible artists who have chosen to take part, invested a huge amount of time, effort and creativity and a little bit of their souls in order to bring you an amazing experience.

Show some love, people, you must come!