#Bee finds

Morning, morning!

Blimey, it’s going to be an absolute scorcher today, the sun ☀️ is already hot at 6am.

https://lydianeedlecom.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/img_5186.movYesterday, on twitter, the amazing Bee ‘knowledgeable-ones’ confirmed that these Bees, that I found on one of our many walks down to Sennen beach, was Megachile leachella, or the Silvery leafcutter. How chuffed was I?

It’s not rare but it was oh so special to me. I’m going to pop it on to iRecord today.

Have a lovely day everyone, and I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine 🌞 and shade.

Don’t forget to look at my posts from yesterday to see my #beenews.


BEE NEWS: Bees on the road and new open called

Bee news number 1!

Well, rather beautifully and smoothly, the second leg exhibition is going on the road.


So, where is it going?

Well, tomorrow Shaun the Angel myself head off to Swindon to the Richard Jefferies Museum to see Mike and Suzie and the team to collect all 107 pieces of art.

We’ll lovingly wrap them and pop them in the car and drive them back to somerset.

And then on Wednesday, we will be taking them to Donna in Langport at For Every Cloud, ready for the reopening of the exhibition in August.

Isn’t that brilliant – I am sooooo chuffed.

It will the same exhibition yet totally different because of the change of gallery.

I hope some of you get the change to come and see it.

And in bee news number 2, a new open call.

“What?” I hear you cry, “already?”

Well, yes, these Bee spectaculars don’t organise themselves, you know!

So, if you’d like to participate in the third part of this exciting Bee project , nows your time to shine.

We are looking for a wide variety of people from all spectrums of the Arts.

The deadline is the end of august so you’ve plenty of time but don’t leave it too late…..the number of times I’ve heard, “oh, I missed the deadline….!”

Well, notice given , you lovely lot – we want you!


And, how about sharing this post?

Drawing, walking

Told you I’d #showyoumine …. footprints sketchbook.

How appropriate is it that Shaun the Angel would say this as we sat together at the edge of the woods, drawing, talking….

“Pastel sounds…flip flop sounds and your high-viz feet.”

Sunday afternoon sun, love and a bit of a weep of joy

I’m sat in the garden with my old man, drinking cava on a much needed ‘day off’ but enjoying the time and space needed to really take in what our fifty artists have written about their work for this year’s exhibition.

It’s joyous, humbling, funny, inspiring, exhilarating, and just all round wonderful.

Until we reach this point, with works finished and explanations written, it’s difficult to know what sort of exhibition we are offering you.

But, surprise surprise, it’s going to be an experience – I feel so moved (no, it’s not the Cava talking).

I keep stopping to share bits with Shaun but as I read them out loud, I get a bit wobbly and tearful. It’s so moving.

Thank you to all of the incredible artists who have chosen to take part, invested a huge amount of time, effort and creativity and a little bit of their souls in order to bring you an amazing experience.

Show some love, people, you must come!

Looking with new eyes

Seeing things with fresh eyes.

Good morning everyone, I’m drinking tea in bed (proper tea: leaves, pot, cosy, tray). And I looked at the tea cosy, and I saw the tea cosy but it was like it was the first time.

This was given to us second-hand, years ago, by a much beloved aunt, and she’d had it for years so it’s very familiar. Yet I don’t think I’ve every looked at it and taken in how beautiful it is, how evocative and how well made. I can imagine walking in that garden gate and seeing all the flowers – think about all of the insects those plants could feed. It’s a proper chocolate box cottage. Looking at it has made me realise that a) I need a break and b) I need to be paying attention.

Yesterday I made a Bee that I really didn’t like, it didn’t work – it felt like it was was part of a production line. So, today, I stop, regroup, spend time in the garden, discard that Bee and then start again – I can’t ‘churn’ out products, they have to be created with love and care.

Have a great day, people, and thanks for the ongoing love and support.

The curious incident of the Bee in the night.

On Friday night, I drew the curtains across in the kitchen and discovered a very tired Buff-tailed Bumblebee.

“Well,” I thought, “there’s no point in setting it free now, there’ll be no food”. So I made up sugar solution for its breakfast and let it sleep.

I got up at six to bright sunshine but a less bright Bee, poor thing, but administered said sugar solution.

The Bee was unresponsive, looked injured, her legs went from under her and she was not moving.

After a minute or two her body slowly vibrated a little and she (I thought accidentally) vibrated into the mini sugary puddle. It looked like she was taking her last breath – her antennae we moving so slowly.

But then, all of a sudden, and I mean SUDDENLY, she began moving – the sugar hit the spot. So I ran into the garden in me jimmys to grab some grape hyacinth and she lapped up the nectar in there. A moment later I popped her into the garden and she was gone.

Success and happiness – so, it works.





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Meet the BEE team

Afternoon all!

Thank you to everyone for the lovely ongoing support, likes and comments on this page and the other social media sights. For those of you that are new to the FIFTY BEES project, I thought I should introduce the team. This is us outside the Richard Jefferies Museum which is where the #secondleg of the journey takes place. This is the BEE team (or the #beekeepers as they are known to the #fiftybeesartists)

From left we have Polly Hughes who is fielding questions and queries from Bee artists 77 to 89. Second left is Joy Merron who’s working with artists 63 to 76. In the middle is Donna Vale who is dealing with 51 to 62 and then I’m the one on the far right working with artists 90 to 101!. Also in the picture is Suzie who we met for the first time yesterday. Suzie works at the Museum but is also one of our artists, number 61; thanks so much for all the help yesterday. And in the second picture you’ll also see Denis, what a beauty!