First needle felt class of the year

look what we made today


Today, I taught my first needle felt class of the year and it was pure joy. The class was at The Slipped Stitch in Sherborne and the theme was Bears and Hares – always very popular and the results are great, as you can see.

FullSizeRender (1)
Blobs, well formed, using Moorit Shetland wool.
FullSizeRender (2)
It’s all about building good, firm shapes which will be connected together
Even at this stage, the shapes are taking to take on a personality of their own because every person making them has their own personality and way of working.
Deep brown wool – impossible to photograph.

Then, when they start to come together, look as the characters emerge.


Thanks to the lovely ladies who came to learn today, for their humour, their conversation and their enthusiasm – it really paid off.

So, when’s the next class?

20th May in Sherborne at The Slipped Stitch and we’re making British Birds, like these:

2 thoughts on “First needle felt class of the year

  1. HI Lydia, just wanted to say thankyou for a great workshop on Saturday, a fabulous day spent with such fun people and learning the art of needle felting as well!! Good luck with all the busy bees.
    Many thanks

    Chris Avis


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