Change is good

#Change – what do we all think about it? 

It’s been a long time since I’ve introduced myself to you all and seeing as we have a few more of you along for the ride, AND I’m going through a period of change, I thought it was about time. 

So, this is me, Lydia Needle, last month at the private view of #fiftybees. This was a really pivotal event in my life, my first exhibition and a point which marked a massive change in my life, I felt like I was officially being ‘launched’ as an artist (like a big ship 🤣). If you have a look at the stickers I’m wearing, you’ll see the hashtag #beeartist and #queenbee, made by @foreverycloud – I loved wearing those!!!!

It was an event where all of a sudden I thought “Yes! People not only ‘get’ the concept of FIFTY BEES but they also appreciate my art”. It was heavenly.

And, in terms of change, it marked the point when I publicly announced that I planned to take the FIFTY BEES concept to other parts of the country which meant I could not conceivably continue with the day job.

So, yesterday was my last day working at MIND – no more financial safety net of part time work – I HAVE to make this work. 

One of the last session we ran was all about CHANGE – how difficult it can be, how challenging, and as we were discussing it, I came to the realisation that I used to hate it, the instability of it all. But without it, we have no new beginning, no new doors to open.

So, what about you? How do you find change, have you been through any lately or are you planning some. Let me know.

And perhaps you might also sharing a picture of you using the hashtag #changeisgood 



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9 thoughts on “Change is good

  1. Congratulations! Great move! You won’t look back! Your fifty bees project is totally inspiring and I wish you every success as you share it more widely! Be brave and go for it!


  2. Artist to Artist, I envy you for taking the leap and quitting the day job! That’s a change I haven’t been able to make. I have loved watching your Bee Project and enjoy the book very much.
    About change… in my older years I steep lightly….I think twice first… then go. This has served me well on the most part.
    Best wishes


    1. Thanks Lesa
      The leap is very scary but is a must because the day job was stopping me from creating – totally the wrong job for that. Luckily, I also run an art related business which, in theory, will support the art. And I teach and, and, and …
      So, although it sounds like a huge jump, there is other financial cushioning there too otherwise it just would not be feasible. There’s going to be a lot of juggling, as per, but at least my mind will be freer now.
      Thanks for your lovely comment about the bee project – that makes me so happy.
      And the best of luck to you with your art, the day will come when it’s time for you to focus in closer on your art too xxx


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