Today, I’m very tired 💤 and parts of my brain are doing that whole racing around thing, planning the multiple things I have to organise over the next seven days.

Then, another few parts of my brain are like summer roadworks, you know the type that seem to be on practically every road you need to travel down.

But there’s no one working on them.

And there doesn’t seem to be any point to the hole in the road.

And the temporary traffic lights have stopped working….!

You know what I mean????

Well, the holes in the road are definitely where the fifty 🐝 have gone cause I just can’t work on them at the moment cause I HAVE to work on other stuff!!

So, I’m imagining I’m this little sleeping leveret, you know, sleeping!!


The merit of mistakes

Anyone who’s even been to one of my classes knows that, sometimes, often, I bang on about how mistakes are the only way we learn.

Well, I’ve just proved my own point and I’ll explain why.

Last week, at one of my favourite charity shops, I found some really beautiful vintage crewel wool. (I don’t know what that is, please explain someone?)

I thought it would be perfect for the bees and for the landscape pictures I’m teaching at The Brewhouse Theatre soon.

Today, working on Bee53, I thought I’d use some for the wings. Now, my logical brain knew it wouldn’t work, not THROUGH firmly felted wool – too tough, too dense.

Surprise, surprise, the yarn snapped- d’oh and duuuuh!!!

But look at the result…I love the way the wings are floating in the air.

Will I keep them like this?

Are they finished?

Can I recreate it?

Who knows, but it’ll be fun finding out.

So, children, adults, makers, artists etc – let’s make mistakes. Do share!

Taking time

Remember this book, “Do you have the time, Lydia?”

Well, today I am dog-tired.

No, that’s a silly expression – ‘cause my dog Charlie is completely full of energy, a little bit bonkers, and when he’s tired, he just sleeps (and wakes us up early).

But I am completely done in because of the many, many long exhausting hours of planning and admin for coordinating the next FIFTY BEES.

There’s still a huge mountain to climb to bring it all together but as all the next #beeartists have been sent information about their #bees, I’m going to make time for some self-care.

Time to restoke my fire.

Dog walking.

Hot bath.




Then back onto it tomorrow.

And what about you? How are you taking care of yourself?

A year ago, how time flies

It was a year ago yesterday that myself, Polly, Joy and Donna had a meeting at ACEarts to discuss the FIFTY BEES exhibition. We sat on the sofas, measured walls, talked and talked and decided that these three wonderful women would be called the beekeepers.


Well, with fifty artists to coordinate, it made sense to share out some of the work. Now, I look back at this picture with amazement.

We had no idea how it was going to work, whether the story of the bees would translate into an exhibition, whether anyone would be interested.

But, wow! It was wonderful. The fifty artists made such a wide variety of art, amazing responses to these incredible creatures.

But it wouldn’t have worked without the enthusiasm and keenness of them all as well as Nina and the team at the gallery.

Now, we’re gearing up for the next leg of the journey at Richard Jefferies Museum – can’t wait. Thanks everyone.




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Do you have the time Lydia?

Who would have thought that my childhood book might actually become truth.

The Lydia of this story can be heard saying “I haven’t got the time,” basically all of the time. And it’s so me…

But I promised myself and my family that this will change this year – I want to spend more time with them, and my friends, and learning, and walking. Who’s with me?

So, rather than a New Years resolution, I’ve just made a plan, following the lead of others.

And the plan is walk about 2 miles a day, draw daily, NOT work past 6pm, learn, read every day. Day 2 is going well, what about you?



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Bee sale

“Fly away for Christmas!”

That’s what I said to the Bee , cause I’d really like them to be rehomed soon.

And they thought that was a nice idea – they’d love to fly off.

So, I’m going to have a little Bee sale – starting tonight.

All bees on my Etsy page will have an enormous 30% off this evening so keep your eyes peeled.

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So here it is, #indiefriday, everybody’s having fun!

d Indie Friday is about supporting small businesses, independent makers and our fabulous, hardworking creatives.

Devised by the wonderful sarah Hamilton and run by the volunteer team at Just a Card, it’s a campaign to promote the idea that buying #justacard from small business can be make or break in these tough times.

’s also a way to encourage us, as consumers away from the big, faceless corporations who for so long have wielded so much power over advertising and consumerism because consumerism isn’t what Christmas is about, is it?

ristmas should not be about standing in massive queues and spending our hard earned money on yet more landfill of the future.

So, if you’re out there this black Friday make it instead a rainbow Friday – slow down, drink tea in an independent cafe, visit small shops, divert just a bit of your cash their way – it’ll make them so happy! And happiness has a way of growing – it’ll come back your way, too.

d remember, it’s #justacard #justapairofearings #justamug #justakit #justadecoration that’ll keep this small business (me) going!