reason 1 to buy blackdogandgingercat needlefelt kits

So, to celebrate the upcoming blackdogandgingercat birthday, here’s the REASON TO BUY blackdogandgingercat Kits countdown….NUMBER 1

1.jpgOur appreciation, love and support of important charities such as SANE, as seen here in our #blackdog kit.

IMG_5378.jpgAnd in turn, the sales of all of the other kits help to support my other work alongside charities such as ACEarts, MIND, and Somerset Wildlife Trust, as seen in the ongoing FIFTY BEES project.


So, thank you everyone who’s ever bought one of my kits – you are wonderful.


OPENING TODAY – Bees: the interconnectedness of all things at Bruton School for Girls 

The girls worked so beautifully hard and enthusiastically to produce a fabulous collaborative installation.

Three days, 80 plus students and a handful of staff produced a whole host of British bees which are now hanging in the gallery at the Bruton School for Girls.

‘Taught by Lydia Needle, Bruton School for Girls students will sculpt tiny, lifesize British bees in wool, representing just a few of the 260 varieties left in theUK. 

The bees become artworks as part of a whole school installation in the school’s gallery. To follow up this work, the students will research the habitats and ecosystems, the flora and fauna that rely on bees, to create companion artworks. Our objective is to raise awareness of the diversity of bees in Britain and to spread the story – using art as a medium – as far as possible.’ SAW guide 2017. 

Watch out – long post from a very full day, fab! 

Yesterday was a day in three amazing parts.

The first part involved doing needlefelt landscape experiments with residents at Wessex House Care home – just love these pieces.

Great British tones in great British Wool.

I’d like to include this as Seam Collective #SeptTextileLove prompt for today which is ‘happy accidents’ because I’m a very keen exponent of the idea of experimentation, play, accidental discovery and making mistakes – this is how we learn.

What’s the expression….”A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” —- so true.

So let’s play, I say!!!

Then I met up with Donna Vale and we trundled off to Frome’s Black Swan Art to see the exhibitions there but first lunch and surprise meet up with David Smith – much talking and laughing.

Then onto the ‘Hinterland’ exhibition by Gladys Paulus.

It’s pretty hard to get across what an amazing exhibition this is. On a purely craft level, Gladys’ work is second to none – the pieces are truly beautifully made; as a felter, I am always amazed.

But this exhibition is so much more. It is so, so moving – the pieces have a real presence and I know I will HAVE to go back for another look, or two. The pictures don’t do it justice but I’ll share a few more.
Such presence,

So moving,

And resonance.

If you have a chance – get there.

And the final part of my day was at @tmac_taunton with an Arts and Health Speed Networking event!!! Whooohooo!

There I met a whole host of people and ‘networked’, oh yes I did. We talked and learnt about a whole range of arts and health providers and the links that are being made between them.

I also talked FIFTY BEES to a few people too!

The name: blackdogandgingercat?

Those of you that have been following my work for a while will probably know the origin of my business’ name, ‘blackdogandgingercat’. For those of you that don’t, I’ll explain.

Back at the end of 2012, I went to a needle felt class taught by the very talented Jennifer Barnett – I was in heaven and immediately hooked.

This class took place just weeks before I left my beloved teaching job due to on-going, repetitive, really boring and exasperating clinical depression.

I was devastated – I had been convinced that I’d be teaching until retirement so having to leave was a major blow and certainly didn’t help my mental health improve, at the beginning.

And this is where the ‘black dog’ of the title came from.

As for the ginger cat, well that’s my darling Jack – it’s well know that just by stroking, sitting next to or playing with a pet can help one relax and calm and that was Jack’s role in my improving mental health.

After I left teaching, I continued to needle felt because I found it to be so calming on my brain, but also, I’d really found ‘my thing’ – finally.

Eventually, as I did more and more, family, friends and then even strangers became interested in my work and wanted to learn to needle felt too.

And so began the business, with classes and kits.

One of the kits I make now is the black dog, seen here in the first picture, with 10% of profits going to the charity SANE.

Today, things are still changing. I still use needle felt, it’s still my main thing and I am so grateful that I found it because it’s taken me to places I could never have imagined.

Just lately, though I’ve felt tiny stirrings of the black dog’s attempted return, he’s nipping at my heels.

Because I know the naughty little pup quite well, I can recognise when he’s trying to creep back and why.  Anyone else?

My mum, a very wise woman, says I probably need a little ‘fallow time’, to rest my brain after the adrenaline and creative rush of the last few months. And I think she’s right. This is the card I sent her this week ’cause I thought it was perfect (although I this black dog seems quite lovely).

So, just for now, I’m practicing a little bit of self-care: resting, walking, reading and not much else. What about the rest of you; I know mine is certainly not an uncommon story.

I wonder, what do the rest of you do for self-care?



Needle felt classes coming up!

Needlefelt Classes……

Well, my dears, it’s about time I got round to listing the needle felt sculpture classes that I have coming up over the next four months – there’s a nice small group.

I tend to stick to two types of class and these are the Bears and Hares classes and the Reindeer classes. And there’s very good reasons for choosing these.

Firstly, both are suitable for complete beginners but I would recommend bears and hares always as a first option because we learn about: solid body shaping, adding shapes, basic facial features and adding colour. It’s such a great session – learning together is such a communal, supportive experience and we do have fun! At the end of the class, I believe everyone is a competent felter – you have the skills to go on and create anything you want.

However, many people like coming along to a second class to extend their understanding and skill set so that’s why I also offer the Reindeer class. 

Now, as I’ve said before, this is suitable for beginners – many people tackle the Reindeer as their first ever make and do so brilliantly, again becoming a competent needle felter. But is also a great ‘extender’ – if you’ve already done a bear or hare, the Reindeer is a great ‘next step’ as we do sculptural legs, use armatures for the antlers, and extend the colour application. 

In the new year I also plan to run a ‘masterclass’ where we will work on a variety of dogs and cats heads so we can really focus down on ears, eyes, hair and full characterisation of our furry friends. Keeps an eye out for this one! 

In the meantime, here’s the classes I have on offer – if these are too far away from you, I will travel to teach you and a group of friends in your own home – get in touch.

1) Needlefelt Hares or Bears sculpture on Saturday 23rd September at For Every Cloud, in Langport, TA10 9PR which is perfect for complete for beginners.  It runs from 10am to 4pm and costs £60 per person so please contact Donna on 01458 251475 or email 

2) Needlefelt Hares or Bears sculpture on Saturday 14th October this time in Yeovil at Livingstone Textiles, BA20 1UN. Again, perfect for complete for beginners, runs from 10am to 4pm and costs £50 per person. Please call 01935 422631 or email via

3) Reindeer sculpture on Saturday 4th November  at For Every Cloud, in Langport, TA10 9PR. This class is suitable for complete for beginners but is also a great advanced project. It runs from 10am to 4pm and costs £60 per person so please contact Donna on 01458 251475 or email 

4) Needlefelt Reindeer sculpture on Saturday 25th November in Yeovil at Livingstone Textiles, BA20 1UN. Again, perfect for complete for beginners but is also a great advanced project. The workshop runs from 10am to 4pm and costs £50 per person. Please call 01935 422631 or email via

5) Needlefelt Reindeer sculpture on Saturday 2nd December at For Every Cloud, in Langport, TA10 9PR. This class is suitable for complete for beginners but is also a great advanced project. It runs from 10am to 4pm and costs £60 per person so please contact Donna on 01458 251475 or email 


Just a card

One of 9 cards that I sell on my websites and at markets. 

They can be bought singly, in packs of three or with a kit – gosh, such choice.

I have a British Wildlife set which includes this sleeping hare, boxing hares and a hedgehog. 

Then a there’s the dog set and the reindeer set.

I’m showing them off today to link in with the ‘just a card’ campaign. 

Here’s Fluff

She snuck off to find a cosy place to close her eyes and this is where we find her. 

This is Fluff and she’s sleeping soundly inside a vintage metal container and doesn’t she look peaceful; I wish I could sleep so easily and so soundly, don​’t you?

This piece is 7cm circumference and 6cm to the top of the handle. It is made using wool, a vintage container and thread.